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Allinson’s Wholemeal Very Strong Flour 1.5kg *Best Before(31 mar)*

HKD 36.00

Ella’s kitchen carrots apples and parsnips 120g *Best before (30 April) *

HKD 18.00 HKD 8.00
Sale!Mars bounty milk drink
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Mars bounty milk drink 350ml *Best before(23 April)

HKD 18.00 HKD 4.00
Sale!Sundried Tomatoes
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Morrisons Sundried Tomatoes 82g *best before(30 april)*

HKD 12.00 HKD 6.00

Pot Noodle Sweet And Sour 90G *Best before(31 Mar)*

HKD 18.00 HKD 0.00

Ritter-Sport Waffle (100g) *Best before(25 mar)*

HKD 18.00 HKD 0.00

Morrisons Bacon Rasher Snacks 150g

HKD 18.00
Sale!Alpro Creamy Vanilla Soya Dessert-0
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Alpro Creamy Vanilla Soya Dessert

HKD 24.00
Sale!Bisto Gravy Granules
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Bisto Gravy Granules 170g *Best Before(30 April)*

HKD 29.00 HKD 12.00

Doritos Sour Cream and Chive Dip 300G *best before(6 april)*

HKD 28.00 HKD 0.00
Sale!Ella's Kitchen 4 Mths+ Organic Strawberries & Apples 120g-0
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Ella’s Kitchen 4 Mths+ Organic Strawberries & Apples 120g

HKD 19.00 HKD 12.00
Sale!Ella's Kitchen
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Ella’s Kitchen Banana & Vanilla Bread Pudding 320g *Best Before(31 Mar)*

HKD 29.00 HKD 0.00